Google Business Profile Review System

Your Business Needs This

Everyday you talk your customers, why miss the chance to get another google review. Increase your reviews, reach, reputation, visibility and sales with just one card.

What You’re Getting:

  • NFC Cards. Track the number of clicks and get customers to your Google Review page quickly and painlessly.
  • OPTIONAL: Email and SMS Communications to Customers. Maximize your review generation efforts by creating tailored text and email series to prompt feedback from your valued customers.
  • Write Review Responses In Real Time Using AI.  We are using the latest language model to write personal and unique responses to the reviews. They are automatically sent to you for review and approval. With a one click approval they will be automatically posted to your Google profile.
  • Google Review Website Widget. We will customize a Google review widget to match your branding. We only stream positive reviews and new reviews are automatically added.
  • Post Positive Reviews To Social Media. We will automatically generate images of your positive reviews and automatically post the to Facebook & Instagram (soon to be Google Business Profile). You can choose how often you want new reviews posted to the social media platforms. 

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